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Here's The Secret To Getting Those Perfect Grill Marks On Your Steaks This Summer

Okay so maybe those grill marks are going to be a little sketchy. But hey. It's only March. The weather just started to break and everybody wants to get some outdoor cooking in. Sure, the real ones out there have been cooking outside the whole year so far even in snow covered grounds and freezing temperatures. 

But that's not for everybody. Most folks just like to get out there when they can enjoy some nice warm weather. And that's perfectly fine. It's also perfectly fine that those people would be a little rusty right now. They probably haven't grilled since early September. March and April are essentially grilling preseason. You can take those months to get out there every so often and dial in your skills before the real season begins in May. You don't want to show up rusty to Memorial Day Weekend or else you'll look like a fool. 

Plus, this also gives you a couple of months to figure out that maybe placing your grill that close to a huge ledge might not be the smartest decision of all time. But to each their own. 

Anyways--here's the real secret to the grill marks, bud.