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We've Got A Runner! The Woman Who Attacked An Uber Driver For Asking Her To Wear A Mask Is Now On The Run And Documenting The Entire Thing On IG

Source - The woman who is about to be arrested for coughing on and attacking an Uber driver has proven to be just as dangerous when she's in the driver's seat.

Arna Kimiai has once again incriminated herself, this time with a video she shot last June behind the wheel of a McLaren sports car ... hitting speeds topping 122 MPH. Kimai is more focused on posing for the camera than safe driving -- blasting music, losing her ponytail and claiming, "This sh** is getting too colossal."

There are horrible people...and then there's Arna Kimiai. If you're confused as to why I'm saying that watch THIS video. Long story short she brutally attacked an Uber driver for asking her to wear a mask. Which I didn't understand until she uploaded a clip of herself driving 122mph down the freeway...

For the record, that car she's in? The McLaren 720s? It's rented. She has no money, she has no job, all she has a tiny Instagram following which has apparently gone to her head. Here's what she had to say after she originally went viral...

What an embarrassment. I honestly feel bad for her father. I'm sure he tried to raise her right, but she grew up to be a complete and utter trash bag. "My boyfriend taught me to hit someone if they disrespect me!" Good luck with that in prison. One of the woman in the video was already arrested for "assault with a caustic chemical, assault and battery, conspiracy and violating health and safety code" so hopefully Kimai is next. If I were the judge I'd give her life. Good luck babe, you're going to need it.