North Carolina Is A Lacrosse School

The UNC men's basketball lost in the ACC Tournament semifinals against Florida State on Friday, but does anybody in Chapel Hill even care? Because I can't imagine that anybody was watching the Tar Heels basketball team when the entire campus was still buzzin' too hard after this ridiculously absurd Chris Gray backhand bullet from 12 yards out against Virginia. 

This shot is beyond comprehension. I mean it's one thing to be able to get enough velocity and accuracy on that backhand shot to stick it from 12-yards out. But to catch the ball in the high crease, have a defender all over your back, have another defender collapsing down on you and looking to take your arm off, all while having virtually zero seconds to even take a look at the net before letting this shot fly? Ri. Dic. U. Lous. 

And that was just one of 4 goals for Chris Gray on the night. I think he's only had one game so far this season where he put up less than 5 points. That's now 28 goals and 17 assists while leading UNC to a 7-0 start on the season. 

I know that the month of March is typically a big basketball month in the ACC. But you've got Duke putting up 27 goals in a game and Chris Gray doing shit like this against the (technically) reigning National Champs. Lax school, lax conference.