You'll Never Believe This But That Sick Bastard Auston Matthews Did Some Sick Bastard Things Again

I mean....come the fuck on, dude. Overtime. Scheifele flying over to him. Casually pulls it to the backhand. Goes right by the shoulder of the reigning Vezina Trophy winner. Dagger. See ya later. Thanks for coming out. 

What a fucking freak this guy is. And he knew that by pulling that to his backhand that the cameras would end up getting the perfect slow-mo shot of those customized wheels. Look good, feel good, play like an absolute madman. It just sucks that Auston Matthews is having his first "greatest hockey playing human on the planet" season in a year where most of America won't be able to tune in since he's strictly going up against Canadian teams all season. But I'd put the odds on him having a few more of these seasons in his career somewhere in the -1000000000 territory. Freak freak freak. 

P.S. - Unrelated to this blog but the Flyers are driving me crazy these past few weeks. Just had to put that out there. Hate that team, love this goal.