"FUCK SID" Says Brandon Dubinsky As He Refires The 'Sid vs. Ovie' Argument

Columbus Blue Jacket Brandon Dubinsky, who is currently on long-term injured reserve in the last year of his deal and widely thought to be done with hockey, appeared on the Garage Beers podcast and he did not hold back one bit. 

"Fuck Sid."

"I'll take Ovie every day of the week."

"I would never ask Sid for a stick. Ever."

Wowza. Most guys leave everything on the ice and get along with former opponents. Even when they retire, they tend not to talk this kind of shit in a public forum. But not all of them. And it's great when hockey players talk shit because most don't. We love having Ryan Reaves on Chiclets because he doesn't give a fuck and calls it like he see it (wonder if he ever watched "Succession"). He hates Evander Kane and the Sharks with a passion and isn't shy to say so.

Dubinsky clearly has no love for long-time divisional nemesis Sidney Crosby, with whom he battled fiercely many times over his 13-year run in the NHL. They do have a history.

He enticed Sid the Kid into dropping his gloves. Cross-checked him in the squash. Went at him after Sid shoved his goalie, King Henrik Lundqvist. Good shit. These are just a few snippets of their rivalry. There are countless things that happened between these two over that many years, things that most people don't see. Slashes, X-checks, elbows, etc. And Dubinsky apparently hasn't forgotten them

Either way, I got no dog in this fight. I'm just all for shit-talking and guys not sugarcoating. It's entertaining and great for business. He reiterated his support for Ovie via Twitter today just in case you missed it the first time...

(I would just like to point out that some of Twitter has played in the NHL and know how hard it is to score a goal.)

"And for everyone in the back..."

The hate is real with this one. And I love it. Either way...who ya got?