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Is Seth Rogen Gonna Make A Billion Dollars Off His Weed Company?

Ever since Seth Rogen announced the expansion of his weed company, Houseplant, into the United States earlier this month, I've had this thought pop into my brain at least once a day (usually while smoking 3Chi - promo code MMB)....

Am I crazy to think Seth Rogen is gonna make a billion dollars off this weed company?! 

I have no idea how the marijuana industry operates, or how much money there is to be made in it right now (I'd imagine it's a LOT of money), but obviously, people like weed; and people who like weed like Seth Rogen, and people who like Seth Rogen are gonna want to try his weed as soon as they (legally) can! I know I do! 

If he makes a good product at a decent price-point, who's to say this can't become the 'Bud Light' of weed in 10-15 years when it's legal and normal everywhere?! He's crushing the marketing already, with this video of him making an ash tray picking up millions of views cross-platform....

….and if anyone could be to weed what Michael Jordan is to sneakers in the year 2021 - is it not Seth Rogen?! 

Let me know if I'm an idiot for this take or not down in the comments below. Barstool Sportsbook is live in Illinois.