Tom Izzo Called Himself 'Immature' After He Started Trending On Twitter For His Reactions And Ranting About The Refs

Tom Izzo had himself a day in the Big 10 Tournament. Michigan State looked like they were about to run Maryland out of the damn building when the game started. Then Maryland just kicked Michigan State's ass plain and simple. I still think MSU gets in now but they are about as firmly on the bubble as possible. Pretty ridiculous that they even are there considering how this season started. But that's not the point here. Tom Izzo started trending on Twitter thanks to this interview and this reaction: 

Now you may ask why is Izzo so pissed about officiating? Take a guess who the main ref was involved. None other than Bo Boroski 

Shit Big 10 fans hate Boroski so much that a petition was started to get him to stop calling games

Izzo didn't hold back really after the game too: 


Yes, Maryland shot 10 more free throws than Michigan State, but Sparty was also 25% from three. They shot 41% from the floor and turned it over 18 times. It self-inflicting as much as it was Boroski. I've said it before, but I want coaches to call out refs. Do it like this. Take blame then throw in the 'yeah, but we got fucked with foul calls.' The more people call out refs, the more they have to try and change. It's no secret officiating is a huge problem and needs to get better, especially this time of the year. Now MSU just has to hang out in a hotel in Indianapolis and wait.