How To Buy The Sweetest Piece Of Merchandise Barstool Chicago Has Ever Sold

Arguably the sharpest, cleanest and most comfortable hoodie ever offered by Barstool Sports. I am not exaggerating when I say this is the most requested piece of merchandise I have ever been associated with. People are literally coming out of the woodwork right now asking me if they can buy the one I'm wearing fresh off my back. Answer is you can't but the other answer is I'm willing to listen to offers if you're not wasting my time.

To those wondering, you can get this hoodie by taking the Bulls exclusive wager on the Barstool Sportsbook App that's now available for use in Illinois. Land of Lincoln. The crown Jewel of the midwest. Barstool is here and we're taking bets if you're smart enough to prefer our app to the competition. 

Should you get to that point, go to the exclusives tab and scroll to the bottom. Put $100 on the the Bulls -3.5 and wait for the magic to happen. That's how you get a taste of the proverbial and literal action and we're happy to take it. 

And scout's honor it's legit. I'm wearing it now. I think one of the bartenders is trying to fuck me.