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The Barstool Fund - Mississippi Basketball and Athletics

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Mississippi Basketball & Athletics is the premier training facility in Jackson, MS. There is 5 full basketball courts. The upstairs workout room is equipped with a variety of free weights and machines.



Reader Email

It all started in February 2020 when we were effected by a flood that came to Jackson, MS. It flooded our gym floors, our bus and our truck. All of our Air condition units needed to be replaced so SBA gave us a loan which added more to our debt. The loan was not enough to cover the air condition units it was $125,000 short so we had to pick and choose which units to replace. Don't know if you know but we need all the AC units we can get especially here in Mississippi. We were shutdown for two months and had loss income form leagues, entry fees and tournaments for the month of February due to the flood. If that wasn't enough then in March 2020 covid hit us and we had to shutdown for six months with limited access to the gym and we still maintained paying our employees. The youth in our community could not come to the gym because of the threat. We decided to put somethings in place in order to make it safe for youth to have somewhere to go but with that a cost was added to our expenses. We still remained open through it all but we are at the place where we need help to survive in order to keep our doors open for our youth.