Tim Dillard, The Funniest Person In Baseball, Announces His Retirement

I'm going to be honest with you, before yesterday I only knew of Tim Dillard as the guy who did the Tim Kurkjian impression a few years back. Completely forgot that he was an actual baseball player and had an 18-year career in professional baseball. He made his debut for in 2008 with the Brewers, last pitched in the bigs in 2012, but bounced around triple-A for a little over 13 seasons, was with the Rangers organization last year but didn't reach the bigs, and even dabbled in some independent ball too. The guy had a WILD baseball career. But he won't be remembered for his on the field pitches or numbers. It's all about his videos. He may have been the funniest person in baseball this whole time. He's close to a must follow on twitter.

Here he is a while back crashing an Nyjer Morgan interview and he completely takes it over. Does a perfect Kurkjian, from the voice, to the height, to the weird in-depth stats. It's perfect. You know it's good when Kurkjian starts wheezing. I 100% believe Kurkjian has looked up at that stat before too, no doubt in my mind.

And who could forget this magical lip synching performance from the 2017 Univision Awards? I mean the guy is hilarious, the perfect guy to keep a clubhouse nice and loose. He seems like a Brian Wilson with tighter screws. You've got the pitching, the wacky beard, the demented sense of humor, he's great. Just watch these videos he put out.

What a legend. Wacky sidearm delivery and funny as hell too. I could have posted 44 more videos from his twitter but I don't want to clog up the blog. Go check his stuff out and I promise you'll love it. What a funny dude, I'm genuinely excited to see where he goes next because it's going to be fantastic content. I need more Tim Dillard in my life.