Texas Tech Is Blasting 'One Shining Moment' For Its Practice Today, So Yeah, They Are About To Win The Big 12 Tournament

I know it's easy to make fun of shit like this. Clem blogged about the Mets doing something similar earlier today: 

Now I know this isn't a full on celebration but you know you don't listen to One Shining Moment unless you win the NCAA Tournament. I love the concept though, mostly because I can get behind anything Chris Beard does. He's a lunatic who is the best X's and O's coach in America. I love One Shining Moment with all my heart. Great song, especially when it's Luther Vandross. Shit, my mother made it my mother-son dance with her at my wedding. So now I see Texas Tech warming up to it and I'm convinced they are winning the Big 12 Tournament, maybe even the NCAA's. The bracket actually breaks perfect for them with Kansas missing McCormack and Enaruna. I still don't think Texas actually likes playing with each other. The more and more you look at it you can talk yourself into Mac McClung hitting a million big shots in Kansas City. 

This is a borderline power move. You know this was going to get out, then again Beard doesn't give a shit. Look at Texas Tech's Twitter header: 

Pack of dogs, ready to go battle. Love it. When Cal decides to hang it up at Kentucky, get me Beard on line 1 ASAP. 

And for no reason at all, here's the 2012 One Shining Moment, my personal favorite: 

PS: Texas Tech will probably get roasted for this since they blew the game against Virginia in 2019. Tough beat.