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Scientists Have A Big Plan To Save Life On Earth: Sending Frozen Sperm To The Moon

Sperm and egg samples from 6.7 million of Earth's species should be sent to an ark built on the moon as a 'modern global insurance policy', scientists have proposed.

The lunar gene bank — which could also house seed and spore samples — is envisaged as being built under the lunar surface, in a hollow, cooled lava tube. 

Specimens deposited in the ark would be kept refrigerated at cryogenic temperatures, with the facility powered by solar panels on the lunar surface.

The idea of creating gene banks to restore lost biodiversity in the future is not new — more than a million seed samples are currently stored in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault on the island of Spitsbergen in the Artic Sea, for example.

Scientists just ripping off the Bible. Who would've thunk? A giant ship carrying the ability to save 6.7 million species on Earth in case things go to absolute shit. Great idea. 6.7 million little sperms and eggs on a rocket to the moon for safe keeping in order to restart humanity. Love it. I'd kill to be in the room when they decide who and what can't make the cut. Rats, gone forever in Earth 2.0. Poison ivy, peace out forever you itchy bitch. Bald people, a relic of the past. An entire population of Michael B Jordans, Patrick Sharps, and Ella Cervattos to restart the Earth

I included her just because I've been meaning to blog her because she might be the most stacked girl I've ever seen. You're welcome

Best, brightest, and most beautiful humans along with all the best plants and animals. Earth 2.0 is going to be incredible. Us regular folk won't get to see it because we are mutant scum, but man if we somehow survive the cataclysm that'll be sweet. 

Having said that...I am actually starting to get scared the elites know something we don't. Nobody gave a shit about space from like 1986 until 2016. NASA was getting defunded. No man-missions. No new shit. Then all of a sudden we have a Space Force, NASA is doing shit again, Bezos and Musk are racing to Mars which is a planet that objectively sucks. India has a space program. China has a space program. Israel has a space program. Why now? Just a coincidence? I don't think so.

Something is definitely up. Either they know an asteroid is going to smack right into us or aliens are coming or Yellowstone is going to blow. One way or another Earth is about to go through some shit, but if you're reading this blog you've been deemed too dumb, poor, or ugly to be notified. You will not be shooting frozen loads into space. You'll probably be home shooting loads into nothing because Ella Cervetto's IG got you horned up when the Super Volcano hits. You're destined to be this guy

It's happened before. It'll probably happen again. We talked about some of this stuff on Dogwalk this week in respect to Gobleki Tepe and Atlantis. You can check out that episode here.