From Founding The Best Independent Wrestling Promotion In The Country, To Commentating Alongside Jim Ross/Tony Schiavone Every Week - Excalibur Has Lived Every Fan's Dream

Continuing on with my series of interviews from Jacksonville last week, here is my sit-down with AEW Commentator/PWG Founder Excalibur.

I've been a massive fan of Excalibur's for about a decade now, stemming from my discovery of Pro Wrestling Guerilla in 2011. His more laid-back, comedic approach towards the commentary gig (which has since changed and gotten a lot more professional) drew me in, and his ability to make commentary partners laugh so hard they'd malfunction on-air was like no other....

It was awesome getting the chance to sit down with him and listen to some old stories - as well as some new ones! 

Now that he's an award winning commentator for AEW Dynamite week-to-week, alongside Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone, he's basically living every fan's dream, and he shared some of the great wisdom they've imparted on him thus far!

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