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The Milton Times is a local weekly paper that services the area where Barstool Sports had its first office. It covers local events, obituaries, restaurant reviews and anything else that affects the town or its residents.



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Our advertising base has been greatly diminished due to the pandemic. My advisory board has suggested we increase the cost of a subscription to fill the gap. We are in the process of doing just that but I am hoping I can find a way to subsidizing subscriptions for the unemployed - students, people who are out of work and even those who have retired. We are the only newspaper in Milton and people who live in the community need to know what is going on. Our digital subscriptions will be the first to increase and the print subscriptions follow. I started the newspaper in 1995 because I believe in truth, compassion, justice and good grammar. Until COVID-19 the paper was growing. Local news is the foundation of democracy but the business model needs to change to reflect a changing world.