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Curling Legend Wayne Middaugh Still Has It, And Don't You Ever Forget That

I log onto the internet every single morning and I'm inundated with people saying that Wayne Middaugh has lost it. Every damn day all these people ever talk about is how the Wayne Train has been decommissioned and taken off the tracks for good. And sure, he hasn't made a Brier appearance since 2013 but let's not forget that he's a 3x World Champ. So when Wayne Middaugh is down by 1 in the 10th end, you better believe this legend is going to deliver an absolute strike. 

It doesn't get any more clutch than that. Just obliterates both of those yellow stones out of there and picks up the 2 points for the win. Again, I simply cannot imagine being one of you fools who didn't believe that Wayne Middaugh could still get it done in 2021. When you're that much of a weapon, you're always locked and loaded. Some may say he's the best Wayne to ever step on a sheet of ice. 

P.S. - Silky.