1000th Game For Patrick Kane Tonight. Is He The Most Clutch Hockey Player Ever?

1000th game for Patrick Kane. Time is flying by. Feels like yesterday that he came in and immediately brought showtime hockey to Chicago with his fair flowing and his chewed up mouth guard dangling. I left off rookie of the year by mistake in that tweet above. Probably because that memory has been replaced by so many others. The Patrick Kane content has been everywhere today. Stats, praise, and accolades that are all deserved. Sportsnet put together a highlight package of his top 10 moments, when in reality it could be 

I think the one superlative that got left out was "the most clutch hockey player ever". Kane has the three Stanley Cups and he has one Conn Smythe and he was in contention in 2010 and 2015. That highlight package also left off hat trick to eliminate the Canucks in 2009. It didn't include goal to finish off the Lightning in 2015 to put the Hawks up 2-0 and win the Cup on home-ice. There's so many big moments in the playoffs. He's currently tied for 3rd all-time in OT goals with 5. Sakic is the all-time leader with 8 OT winners, but if I am being perfectly honest...not a single one stands out in my brain as a truly iconic goal the way Kane's goal against Philly or LA does. I love Joe Sakic. I respect Joe Sakic. The numbers back him, but when I think clutch I think Patrick Kane. That could very well be my own bias. I am willing to hear feedback. Messier guaranteeing victory in game 6 against New Jersey and then delivering a hat-trick was pretty fucking clutch. Even Mess doesn't have as many moments as Kaner. It's really incredible. In my head the only guy with as many iconic moments as Kane in all of professional sports is David Ortiz. 

I guess I will turn it over to the comment section and twitter folks now. Tell me which players are more clutch and why. I'd prefer you leave Sakic out of it because I already addressed that one, and he is the only one in my mind that is in the discussion with Patrick Kane. Can't believe it's been 1000 games of this from him. Can not wait for tonight and I gotta say...these limited edition shirts are FIRE