Bears Franchise Tag Allen Robinson

Well, whoever our QB is next year his job just got a whole lot better. Allen Robinson is a bonafide stud and a #1 wide receiver in this league and I will not hear otherwise. What he's done with the quarterbacks that he's played with is nothing short of remarkable.

I'm sure he's not happy as he wanted a long term extension, but that's the way the cookie crumbles I guess. Especially when Ryan Pace has paid every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the team leaving no other choice than to do this or let him walk for nothing. 

So there we have it after about a year of chatter, twitter likes, cryptic tweets, etc. - Allen Robinson will be back (unless he holds out) and will probably continue the twitter likes, cryptic tweets, etc., but hey he will at least be out there with the team on Sundays and that's a good thing.