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Coach Judge Showed Up To Today's Press Conference Looking Fresh As Fuck With A New Haircut, Which Worries Me IMMENSELY

Let's get in the Way Back Machine and go back to the last time a Giants coach the fanbase got behind changed his haircut after his first season as the HC of NYG.

Look, I get the phrase Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good that my coworker Deion Sanders preaches. But I personally subscribe to the phrase Look Bad, Feel Worse, Coach Great when it comes to the leaders of men in the NFL. You can have exceptions to the rule like Sean McDermott because he is some coaching savant that can have a beard at the perfect length all year long as well as a seat in the playoffs almost every year. But it's usually the Bill Belichicks and Andy Reids of the world that are successful. 

I want my coach looking like he gets a haircut from his wife during the 15 minutes he actually sees her during the week or bangs out a quick session with the Flowbee in his office while crushing film of all of next season's opponents. Once a Football Guy gets that gloriously warm shaving cream on his neck and a whiff of talcum powder, the tough shell that makes him the Alpha of a room full of Alphas begins to crack and his legs inevitably weaken just a smidge, which could be the difference between that extra preparation that can lead to a win and the playoffs or calling it a night and getting a full 3 hours of sleep. I hope I am wrong and will gladly run the requisite punishment laps if Coach Judge tells me to. But Benny With The Good Hair showing up looking like a sellout has scarred my Giants fan soul to the point I can't even appreciate my football savior rocking a nice tight cut during the offseason.