This Insane Slow-Mo Video Of Orioles Knuckleballer Mickey Jannis Is Blowing People's Minds

I didn't expect to wake up and see the entire Twitter world buzzing over Mickey Jannis and his filthy knuckleball but I love it. The story here isn't really that Jannis has a knuckleball, it's how awesome the camerawork is. I don't even understand how cameras can do this kind of stuff. Traffic cameras look like they were taken with a microwave but we can pick up a knuckleball perfectly? How do they slow it down and focus it so you can see the ball not rotating at all? I can't wrap my mind around it. It looks fake, it really does. The Orioles aren't just all powerhouse prospects ready to terrorize baseball in a few years, they also have some a 33 year old knuckleballer who was drafted in the 44th round back in 2010 still holding on trying to make the bigs. Can't get enough of these career knuckleball guys, they're a different breed. Everyone has tried to throw them while playing catch or with a wiffelball, but no one can get it quite down.

I'm just excited that we are seeing content like this, and the fact that the Orioles have a chance to have a knuckleball come up during the season. I don't think there is any chance he breaks camp with them, but maybe later in the season for a spot start. I also never understand why don't you have a knuckleballer be your closer. Imagine how frustrating that would be in the bottom of the 9th trying to hit this fluttering ball. I mean if its high you let it fly, and if its low you let it go. I guess Aaron Boone would have something to say about having a knuckleballer come in late in a game. 

Credit to the Orioles video staff for doing this, and credit to Mickey for tossing a sick knuckle allowing them to capture this. The video wouldn't work if it had some rotation, had to be a perfectly thrown knuck. Now lets hope Mickey gets some more appearances so the Orioles can keep blowing peoples minds with these videos.