BBC Earth Video Of The Day - Since When Can Fish Fly?

What a PLOT TWIST! You think fish what do you think? I think strictly swimming, the ocean, and fish tacos...yet do not mention that around the folks that are called flying fish...since they can literally fucking fly & their main intention with said flying is to not be turned into food. Now of course they aren't flying like say an Airbus320 or Thor spinning Mjolnir in the air, it's more like an extended Olympic Long Jump type of flying but still quite fascinating nonetheless.

What a sad moment it was 1:30 into this when you notice those trashbag frigate birds floating around the skies just waiting to pounce on the flying fish. It was tough to see our protagonists absolutely dog walking those big fish in the sea only to realize these birds were just waiting to him 'em with the...

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 The Animal Kingdom can be a real cruel bitch sometimes. That was like watching the end of Infinity War in slow motion just seeing all our favorite heroes turn to dust. Here's to a flying fish turning on the jets and safely getting away at some point in the world today.