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Alex Trebek Was Once Asked To Confirm A Decades Old Family Story And Did So In Typical Trebek (Read: Legendary) Fashion

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So this video from a little while ago seems to be making its rounds today and man am I glad it is because I had never seen it before. Could anybody casually hold court like Alex motherfucking Trebek? My word. The man always owned the room whenever he was hosting Jeopardy but I figured that was the result of being on stage in front of a live studio audience for years which meant doing so felt like telling tales amongst friends in his living room after hosting the show for decades and if there were any minor slip ups along the way, the people in the editing room would clean things up and make it all look perfect.

However, Trebek was still able to completely captivate an audience at the drop of a hat and tell tiny nuances of a story from a lifetime ago that was thrown onto his lap out of the blue is why he is/was/forever will be the Gameshow GOAT. The epitome of entertainment and class.

Speaking of which, if your family ever had the privilege of having someone that looks like this living in their basement of all places, chances are he was almost your uncle if not your new daddy.

The beer that dad got is worth its weight in gold simply because it made this video possible, even though it must've been tough to swallow to hear Alex Trebek was almost your brother-in-law. What an absolute legend. God I miss that guy so much. Fuck cancer.