Of Course They Are Bringing The Ebola Nurse From Texas To Maryland

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NBC – Nina Pham, one of the two nurses who contracted Ebola in Dallas, is expected to be moved to a National Institutes of Health isolation unit in Bethesda, Maryland, a federal official with direct knowledge of the plans told NBC News on Thursday. The transfer could happen later Thursday, but the official cautioned that plans were evolving. Pham, 26, was diagnosed with the virus on Sunday after treating Thomas Eric Duncan, who contracted Ebola in Liberia, flew to Dallas and later died. The other nurse who contracted Ebola in Dallas, Amber Vinson, was flown on Wednesday to Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. The Emory and NIH units are two of the four facilities in the United States that are specially equipped to handle Ebola.


Two thoughts on this:

1) Of course they are bringing the Ebola chick to Maryland. Maryland is the best at everything that matters. Food, sport, flags, drugs, curing Ebola. So no shock there. When the going gets tough and the Asians get Ebola, they bring them to Maryland.

2) Get her the fuck out of Maryland. We’re not running a charity. If you wanted to be treated in Maryland, you should have gotten Ebola in Maryland. Texas should have to clean up it’s own mess. They always shoot the shit about leaving the union, they call themselves the “Lone Star State” which is a blatant slap in the face to the other 49, but then they get one little case of Ebola and all of a sudden need everyone else to save them. Tough shit, Texas. Lethal inject her or whatever you guys do there, but don’t put your problems on everyone else when it’s most convenient.