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Les Miles Time At Kansas Is Over

Well, there it is. The Les Miles tenure at Kansas is over. A complete failure.

21 games. 

3 wins.

18 losses.

-413 point differential.

This parting of ways was not performance-based (more on that later), but after the revelations that came out last week that was pretty damning against the former LSU coach:

After LSU found all this out in 2013, they did not terminate Les Miles, but instead just removed him from being around female student workers:

It appears that LSU did not handle this situation properly. The same goes for Kansas, who went on to hire Les Miles in 2019. This wasn't public information yet, but surely AD Jeff Long could've vetted the situation better. I'm sure with a little bit of research done on him, the University could've found this information out. It's within possibility that they did know about this and still hired Les Miles, which would then rightly put Jeff Long's job on the line. 

To make things weirder, Kansas' statement had no mention of the investigation that came out against Les Miles. The main message from Jeff Long was that Kansas needs to win more football games.

The lack of even a JV football program at Kansas is not why Les Miles was fired. We all know why he was fired, you don't have to look much further than the timing of this "mutual parting of ways."

They even let Les Miles give a statement, in which he said, "I have truly enjoyed being the head coach at KU and know that it is in a better place now than when I arrived." Is Kansas in a better place? Really, Les? 

All around bad management by both LSU and Kansas. See ya, Les Miles. Won't miss ya.