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An Insane Project X-Like College Party Broke Out Of Nowhere In Boulder, Colorado This Weekend That Caused Complete Mayhem

Holy fucking moly Boulder, Colorado went full Project X this weekend with not a care in the world. Early evening Saturday an out of control party of around 800 people broke out in the middle of the streets and carried well into the night. Pure unadulterated chaos.  Cars flipped over, fireworks, SWAT teams showing up, the whole works of college mayhem unfolding in Boulder. We literally just got back indoor dining a month ago in NYC and in Colorado they've got this going on. Alrighty then...

University officials are reportedly threatening to expel the students who participated in this and are going to run through police body cam footage to identify everyone. Three officers were injured after students threw bottles, rocks, and other shit at them when they tried to quiet things down. There's a video of students climbing aboard a fire truck. Fucking Boulder. Apparently the campus accidentally sent an email out to students during the party with the subject headline "Run. Hide. Fight." Pretty much the very last thing you want to send to a bunch of rowdy college students. 

Looks like this is the poor girl whose car was destroyed amidst the chaos. Imagine harmlessly parking your car only to find all the windows bashed out and videos of it being tossed back and forth. Hopefully a decent amount of people sent some coin her way to help her out. 

I said this at the start of the pandemic, but if you let college kids go to college they're going to party. Assuming 18-22 year olds are going to be mature and handle their shit the right way is naive. If I were in college I'm sure I would have to gone to parties despite the pandemic going on. That being said this went way over the top of a normal party. Not even sure you can call that a party. I mean throwing bottles and rocks at police officers and fire fighters? Destroying that girl's car for no reason? What is wrong with you? Having a big party in someone's back yard is one thing (still bad during a pandemic obviously). This is just stupid. Got no problem expelling these people. I don't know if that makes me soft, but doing this shit is just selfish.

Meanwhile in Utah…