COACH FIGHT - Brad Underwood And Juwan Howard And Both Passive-Aggressively Taking Shots Claiming Their Team Actually Won The Big 10

[247] - “I don’t get into that stuff, man,” Howard said after Michigan’s 70-64. “You’re not gonna get any sound-bytes from me or any bulletin board shit, I don’t care about any of that stuff. I just care that we’re Big Ten champs and I’m so proud of our guys for working their butts off since June and grinding. 

“All the unknowns, being able to pivot and sacrifice what their college life is supposed to be like. But still manage to have a season and then be stars in their own role. That’s amazing what our student-athletes were able to endure and overcome and then at the same time accomplish something special, that’s the Big Ten title. So I’m not gonna let anyone — I repeat, anyone — try to ruin it for them. They earned it.”

You know what? I fucking love this. I talked about it on Chicago's Clubhouse last week with Chief and Carl. We need more characters as coaches in college basketball. I grew up with all the biggest characters. Now most of the characters in the game are older, thankfully we have Brad Underwood and Juwan Howard. These two guys aren't afraid to say anything. Shit, I still love Underwood for this move: 

And now we can add Juwan Howard vs Brad Underwood to the coach rivalry. Good. We should embrace it, even if it's for something as dumb as who won the Big 10 regular season this year. Technically Michigan won it based on win percentage. Illinois is claiming they won it because they have more wins and beat Michigan. Sure, both are technically right. But it's the Big 10. It's an unbalanced schedule every year. It's so stupid. Last year pretty sure every team claimed a share of the title. 

But this is what we need in college basketball. I want to be talking about Juwan Howard vs Brad Underwood fighting with each other as both teams are top-4 in the country. We need to have great coaches start hating each other. At least pretend to hate each other. Both guys have been electric since they came to their schools and we need to keep it that way. 

PS: Howard saying 'I'm not giving bulletin board shit' right before the passive-aggressiveness is perfection. Get me these two teams in the Big 10 title game.