Ser Glendon Ball Is The Name Of A Chunky Game Of Thrones Character That I've Somehow Never Heard Of?!?

How is this possible? HOW!!!! 

I am truly floored that there is a medieval man named Glendon Ball floating around that brain of George RR Martin's. I think we can all agree if I was a guy roaming around Winterfell my name would ABSOLUTELY have to be changed from Glenny Balls to Glendon Ball, right? Fuck Jon Snow. Fuck Ellaria Sand. Fuck Eddard Stark. Fuck Oberyn Martell. Glendon Ball runs the show now.

Now I don't know all too much about Glendon Ball and his character in the books, but I'm just praying that guy is a hero. He better not some sort of a dick like Roose Bolton or Alliser Thorne, I need Glendon Ball at the end of the day be a goodhearted guy that likes to have the occasional drink. I'm thinking something along the lines of Pod or Bronn. Glendon Ball can hangout with those guys.

And don't even get me started once I googled his appearance. Short and chunky? I KNOW SOMEONE WHO'S SHORT AND CHUNKY (me...I'm short and chunky)!!! I'm beginning to think George didn't even make this man up. Glendon Ball is just a real person & my great great great great great great great great great Grandpa.