Roger Federer Returns This Week And Has Put To Bed Any Retirement Fears

Sipa Asia. Shutterstock Images.

Roger Federer returns to tennis this week. I really just wanted to type those words out because for a little bit there it seemed like he may just step away. With the constant knee issues and the pandemic still making travel for his family a pain, it was conceivable he'd step away after a long career of greatness. Thankfully, those fears are gone for now, the Swiss Maestro is back in Qatar for the Doha Open. LETS FUCKING GO

What a beautiful fucking sight it is to see that man holding a racket on a tennis court again as he floats on air. 

Even better, during his presser yesterday he kinda dispelled retirement as a whole. 

“I just feel like the story is not over. It's not like there's one particular reason that I wanted to keep playing tennis other than I enjoyed playing tennis, I enjoy being on the road. Retirement was never really on the cards. I think it's more of a conversation if the knee keeps bothering me for months and months - then let's look at it."

This is just a few months after he dropped this fear bomb on us

"I hope that there will be something to see with me next year. If not, then that's an unbelievable end point. "I hope that in 2021 I will return to the courts. We will see. But if my career had to end here, well it would be incredible to end it with this award."

Phew. Didn't need a Roger Federer retirement to deal with right now. Not getting one. Instead we're back to playing tennis. First up is Doha. He'll get the winner of Evans-Chardy on Wednesday. I imagine they'll put his matches on last which means they'll be on around 11:30 am east coast time. That's a win for everyone. Let's have a good week, dominate everyone and bring home the title.

Can he win another grand slam? Who the hell knows. The last time he was sidelined for an extended period of time he came back in 2017 like a new man and took the tennis world by storm. Obviously that was 4 years ago and he's much older, but I've learned that if you doubt this man you'll probably look really stupid. 

 The king is back. 

P.S. Yes I know Djokovic broke Fed's record of consecutive weeks ranked number 1 today. This is me acknowledging that record.