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Announcer In The Wisconsin/Iowa Game Decided To Put His Wife On Blast On National TV Because He Was So Fed Up With All The Reviews

Donny Marshall spent nearly a decade in the NBA. He's a multi-millionaire. He decided today was the day he had enough and made one of the dumbest decisions a married man can do. You'd be better off cheating than this. You 100% DO NOT put your wife's inability to watch a movie or TV show without pausing it every 30 seconds. You know why? She's getting texts from friends and is embarrassed about it. The last thing you ever want to do is paint her in a bad light on national TV. Just enjoy the guest room and a lot of 'I'm not in the moods' when you're trying to fuck. This is beyond the doghouse because you can tell Donny Marshall had this pent up for quite some time. He was just waiting for his moment to tell the world how much he fucking hates watching movies with his wife. 

I get it though. The reviews were frustrating shit. It ruined what was a good game. It was shitty officiating down the stretch compounded with the fact that they spent nearly 19 minutes looking at reviews. We gotta fix that. 30 seconds max for a review. You can't make a decision after 30 seconds, the original call stands. Problem solved. Instead of staring at the monitor for 5 minutes to call a double foul and hook and hold when it was really nothing let's just all move on. Sidenote, I'll never fucking forgive Isaac Haas and this stupid hook and hold rule. It's awful. 

Just pray for Donny Marshall. The man 100% had an angry text message waiting for him when this game ended. Might just want to tell FOX you're willing to travel to any event the next couple weeks.