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Aljamain Sterling Wins The UFC Bantamweight Championship Via DISQUALIFICATION After Blatantly Illegal Knee From Petr Yan

Holy shit.

After UFC Bantamweight Champion Petr Yan delivered what I think was the most egregious, blatantly illegal knee in the history of the UFC to Aljamain Sterling just now - one he CLEARLY didn't need to throw, being he was completely in control of the fight by that point - Aljo was left unable to finish the fight, and he was crowned the NEW UFC Bantamweight Champion. Completely insane.

According to Khabib, who was near the corner of Yan, the fighter actually asked his coaches if it'd be legal to kick him in that position, and they gave him the OK. If that's true.....that is going to be a TOUGH plane ride back to Russia for that team. 

Aljo ripped the title off his waist as soon as Dana strapped him with it, and seemed surprised that he was even announced as the new champion. Heartbroken in his post-fight interview, he said he didn't want this to be the way he got the title, obviously - but Sterling bettors have to be THRILLED with the result anyway.

You'd have to imagine they'll run this one back soon.