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Woj Took A Break From The Scoop Game To Bury The Saint Louis Program And Fans For Complaining About The A-10 Tournament

Jesus Woj, someone is feeling a little feisty tonight. There may not be a bigger St. Bonaventure fan in the world than Woj, it's where he went to school. So if he's going to take a break from telling me who the Mavericks signed to a 10-day contract, I appreciate him chiming in and telling Saint Louis fans he'll take the real degree and roast a dude trying to get some PTO to go to the NIT. Fucking ruthless. 

I think Travis Ford is whining a bit too much here. Sure, you're trying to fight for your team who was on the bubble before they got worked by St. Bonaventure. But it's 2021 man. We're doing anything and everything just to get conference tournaments in and eventually the NCAA Tournament. Do you not remember last year? This was our last normal Saturday. This was all taken from us. So if you have to travel from Richmond's gym to VCU's gym (both in Richmond) to play games in consecutive days so be it. St. Bonaventure was the 1 seed. They deserve the right to stay at the same gym. Everything isn't going to be perfect, but you know, you could have played better? The gym didn't matter there. 

We know Shams has been breathing down Woj's neck and even passing him in the scoop game so there's gotta be some built up animosity inside of those iPhones. But all I can think about is how mean the tweet is telling the Saint Louis fan that he will have to ask for PTO to go to the NIT. That's just so mean. If you work a regular job you know how important it is to wisely use PTO. You save that shit for the NCAA Tournament like a normal person and now your team is just eliminated. Next thing you know you're a couple bourbons in and Woj is firing off a tweet at you reminding you that you're going to the NIT. That or just saying he'll keep the real degree

Come at the king, best not miss.