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The Scene At The 6th Tee Box Today At Bay Hill For Bryson DeChambeau’s Tee Shot Was So Tremendous

Awesome video taken by some fan today at Bay Hill that really captured the raucous scene at the highly anticipated 6th hole at Bay Hill  Bryson DeChambeau.

Oh wait that fan was me? Oops.

Seriously though, I know that Trent blogged this epic tee shot earlier but I felt the need to share this because the energy in person was something extra and I think this video captured it well. I want everyone to see it and enjoy it because it was electric. We’ve hardly had fans at any sporting events (or at least a material amount) for close to an entire year now and I think this just captured the vibe of what we’ve been missing. We’ve got fans yelling at Bryson about protein shakes and filets and letting the big dog eat (shout out Brickma) and myself rooting on the wind and asking for a breeze  and all of that is the kind of stuff we’ve been deprived of. We’re starting to get close to getting a lot of that back. Today was an incredible moving day with a ton of great moments and I thought the energy in the crowd reflected that. Tomorrow is set up to be a thrilling finishing round at Bay Hill and the fans will play a big part of that again. I cannot wait. 

PS: Week in and week out you see clips where Bryson is out there grinding on the range post-round, but you really don’t contextualize and appreciate it until you stand there in person and watch him hit balls for literally hours after you just watched the guy trudge 18 holes. Guy was out there forever

PPS: I may have also done a 180 on him