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Pray For Baseball: Edwin Diaz Is Bringing Back His Absolute FIRE Entrance Music From Last Season

That right there is the best news Mets fans could possibly get right now. Since it's Spring Training, people will hang on every story about a player showing up in camp in the """""best shape of his life""""" or that he added a new pitch/approach that will make him a superstar before he is just the same guy the back of his baseball card says he is on Opening Day.

However, there is nothing Edwin Diaz could do to convince me that he is going to be Good Edwin Diaz this season instead of Edlose Diaz™ than keep this song as his entrance music.

Diaz could start throwing 150 MPH or steal Mariano Rivera's right hand and brain then start throwing that murderous cutter. But both pale in comparison to the song that powered Diaz's breakout 2018 and sneaky good 2020. I am even willing to forget that nightmare that was 2019 because Diaz for some reason didn't bring that song to New York with him and proceeded to turn into a gasoline can out of the bullpen. Now the Mets have a lights out closer with an absolutely incredible song that will turn the savages in the Citi Field stands into a maniacal dance floor like its D'Jais at midnight now that we can hear this song in person instead of in lockdown during a fake coronaseason.

Don't forget to buy your Barstool At The Ballpark tickets ASAP since some games have already sold out and Cohen's Corner is about to be the hottest place in the city. I can't wait to see what these idiots faces look like after the Mets not only eclipse 95 wins but Edwin Diaz eclipses 95 saves.