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We Officially Have The First Team In The NCAA Tournament ... And It's Such Bullshit

Despite not playing the conference championship game yet we have our first team in the NCAA Tournament. The Liberty Flames. It's also complete bullshit. I don't even think Liberty fans can or are able to read this because it has swear words, but who gives a fuck anyways. The reason Liberty is in the NCAA Tournament? The result of this game: 

North Alabama made the A-Sun title game. Like Bellarmine, Merrimack and other schools they are on probation from the NCAA because they are transitioning from a Division II to Division I program. Because it's the NCAA the rule makes no fucking sense. If you can compete at the Division I level, if you can play in a conference tournament, you should be able to make the NCAA Tournament. It's not even like it's a 1-year thing. These guys will go their entire college career under this transition rule. It might be the dumbest rule the NCAA has and that's saying something because the NCAA has a ton of dumb fucking rules. 

I want nothing more than for North Alabama to win the A-Sun now. Win the whole damn thing and get even more people riled up about how stupid it is they don't get to go to the NCAA Tournament. I don't even want to say congrats to Liberty because I don't mean it. If they win the A-Sun Tournament by all means, fine. But the fact they are auto in for just making the finals? Fuck that. 

Shout out North Alabama for partying their ass off though: