Your Weekly #LetsGetRipped Recap - Dallas Pulls The Big One And I Refuse To Get Tricked By The Fake Cards Again

Maybe our best #LetsGetRipped night we've had. Both of us had some big old hits, but Dallas pulled some absolute MONSTERS. Not only did he have Trouts all over, he had some other big boys too. I had old reliable Topps Series 1, Topps Chrome Update, And Dallas had the Optic baseball, Bowman Chrome, Topps Chrome Black and Topps 2020 Chrome. I hope he went out and bought a lottery ticket because he had some heaaaaat with those packs. Here are the highlights. 

First pack of Optic for Dallas started off with a bang. You know the name, you know the face, you know the bat flip. The Fernando Tatis Jr. rookie card is a damn good looking one. Anytime you can snag a rookie card of the F.O.B. you know you are in a good spot. 

We had the cross rips going to speed it up and we both landed on some solid cards. Dallas up top with the Blake Snell Peak Performance card, a pretty cool design for that card. While Dallas had the World Series performer, I had the World Series hopeful with a Jo Adell Chrome Foil. The 1952 cards are so slick looking, big fan of those, and the chrome finish makes it look even cooler.

Dallas had already pulled like 24 Mike Trouts on the night, each one different from the last. All awesome looking cards too, any Trout is a good Trout. But I was a fan of the card behind Trout, my guy Trey Mancini. Was rocking his #F16HT t shirt so it was only right to show that off, pretty cool that Dallas pulled 2 of the better players in the AL back to back. 


When you see the card flipped upside down you know you're in for a treat, and boy was that the case. Dallas with a great old school auto with the Ryne Sandberg card. Really good looking signature and all around cool card. Think he was excited? Oh, and of course there was another Tatis Jr. card right behind it. I think the manufacturers spiked these packs because they were HOT.

The pull of the night right here. The stud, the next big thing, the man built like a statue. Louis Robert from the White Sox. His cards are gold, literal gold. And you could tell how big it was by our reaction. The Lou Bob Blue AUTO blew mer away. Dallas freaked out, chat freaked out, I was speechless. Absolutely speechless. That is the hit of the case, that card is why you buy a pack, that is why you do the hunting. A legit superstar card pulled by DB.

Was about time I pulled something of note, but this made up for the wait. Found myself a nice little Vladimir Guerrero Jr patch numbered out of 199. Pretty awesome card especially with the 1986 throwback design. Nice to have a relic from one of the best young stars in the game. And right behind the Vlad Jr card was something I've seen before….these damn fake auto reprints. Last time I got the 1/1 Mike Trout auto and patch, but this time it was just a reprint of a Bowmans Best Fernando Tatis Jr rookie autograph. I saw it a mile away and wasn't going to let it ruin my parade or get my hopes up. Dallas on the other hand…..he still thought it was real. 


I kept ripping my Series 1 and stumbled upon this awesome looking Pete Alonso Mothers Day pink out of 50. I hadn't seen any of these before, only the Fathers Day blues. Such an awesome card, and out of 50 makes it that much better. Maybe my favorite pull of the night going into my PC. 

As is tradition we ended the night with some Topps Chrome black. A few nice base cards led us to the encased auto. We saw the Cubs hat, I saw the rookie stamp and figured immediately it was Nico Horner. Dallas led us to the big reveal anddddd boom. Nick Hoerner rookie auto. Not as big as his Big Mac 1/1 or the Sheffield, but still an awesome card and a nice note to end on.

Maybe our best rips so far while doing this thing, the Lou Bob blue auto still blows my mind, such a sick card. Hope Dallas' daughters enjoy going to college because of that card. Overall we got some really cool cards, a lot of good questions in the chat too, keep those coming and as always we loved hanging with you guys on this night. Keep on ripping, friends.