Find Me a Better Offseason Training Regimen Than Browns OL Wyatt Teller Casually Carrying Around an Alligator

Spending three hours every week for four months with 300-pound men trying to put you on your ass and hurt the most important guy on your team is not an enviable job description. But you know how you make that seem relatively easy? Train for it by lugging alligators around on your back.

I have so many questions. Is that thing dead? I would think it has to be, but it has its mouth taped shut, which would obviously be unnecessary if that were the case. How much does this bad boy weigh? Is this effective training for having to keep Aaron Donald from making you look like a bitch?

Regardless of the circumstances surrounding however this happened, it's tough to look much cooler than just casually strolling with a gator strapped to your back. That's not a guy you want to fuck with.