The Best Weekend Playlist By The World's Hottest DJs

So the DJs are me (Jeff D Lowe) and KB (Kyle Bauer, funny guy, on the Yak, ANUS, etc.), not sure if that was clear from the stupid thumbnail photoshop.

Anyway, why am I posting a playlist today on the first March weekend of 2020? Well, because I think it's time to spread around some good vibes. Things are opening back up, the weather is showing signs of warming up (not really in New York, I jinxed it by making this fucking playlist), and it's time to spread some good energy throughout.

You might be asking yourself, "why in the fuck did Jeff D Lowe, a huge fucking nerd, and KB, a weirdo, make a playlist together?" The answer is in this Venn diagram of our music taste:

Outside of being literal twins or clones, nobody has more in common with something than when it comes to myself and KB and our taste in music.

Right off the top (not really, we are three paragraphs into this), if you don't like electronic dance music & remixes, you should vacate the premises. Don't comment or reply with your negative energy and bullshit, nobody has time for that. But, yes, if you hate that type of music, you'll hate our playlist.

Here are just a few examples of the playlist we curate, as Curation DJs, a phrase I just made up:

And if you don't like that last song, you're a fucking Skell.

We combined together to add, as of now, around 400 of our favorite vibes and tracks. This will supply you with a ton of good energy and feelings as you drink, hangout, or do whatever you do this weekend. Keep following the playlist, because we will update weekly.

PLAYLIST HACK: You will notice we also have a bunch of duplicate songs, which is on purpose! If anyone knows anything about good road trips or pregame playlist, they know that you need to give the best songs a couple of chances to pop up on the shuffle. It's innovative and genius.

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Lastly, both Joey Mulinaro and I had playlist posts for today. I apologize to Joey, I did not mean to one-up him. Enjoy his list…