Sitting Down With The Young Bucks Backstage Before AEW Dynamite To Discuss Revolution, Signing The Big Show, Proudest Moments, And More

While we were down in Jacksonville this week, I was lucky enough to sit down with Matt and Nick Jackson (aka The Young Bucks) backstage before AEW Dynamite went live, and I picked their brains about the difficulties of running a company/wrestling at the same time, where they take the most booking inspiration from, what their proudest moments in the promotion are, how the Paul Wight/Big Show signing came together, and more!

Matt and Nick are two of my favorite people I've ever met in the business (and I've known them for like six years now!), but this is the first time we've ever actually all been in a room together face-to-face for one of these interviews! Kinda crazy! Historic, even.

Oh, and speaking of historic, it's a history-making day for My Mom's Basement, as we've finally got a YouTube page! 

I'm really excited about adding the visual aspect to the show, and if you're a listener (or see yourself possibly becoming one), please superkick that subscribe button for me! Gonna have Falcon and Winter Soldier breakdowns with Clem on there starting in two weeks, plenty of interviews like the one above (including one with Jon Moxley dropping tomorrow), comic book showcases, throwback videos, interviews with musicians, and whatever else you guys wanna see.