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Former Ranger Sean Avery Runs Down, Attacks Man's Car With Eerily Calm Smile On His Face

Below is the full video of the incident (*the title is a little confusing as it's Avery running after the car & punching the rear-view mirror): 

According to TMZ, who got the Los Angeles PD report, there's two sides to this story:

On one end, there's Niku. On the other, there's Avery … and both guys claim the other dude was the aggressor in the incident.

Niku says a couple weeks ago, back in mid-February, he got into a confrontation with Avery in the neighborhood after unintentionally blocking the former hockey player down a two-way, one-lane road.

Niku says when he backed up to let Avery by … the 40-year-old ex-NY Ranger became aggressive, rolled down his window and yelled "slow down you fat f#ck", over and over.

Niku says he hadn't had any contact with Avery since … until Thursday morning, when he drove by the NHL player, who was on a jog.

Niku claims Avery recognized him from their February incident, and became incensed, and chased after him.

The video shows what happens from there.

I don't know who 'Niku' is (is he a fat f#ck? Who's to say!), but if I were him my butthole woulda been extremely puckered as that big truck blocked my car in while Avery grew larger in my rear-view mirror with that eerie smile on his face. His Ned Flanders robotic grin throughout the whole ordeal reminded me that a lotta hockey players are on a whole other level than the rest of us & truly relish a little violence of action.. though uh, preferably on the ice with other willing participants. 

Giphy Images.

Anyways, if you find yourself in the Hollywood Hills and have always wanted to know what it's like to face the wrath of an NHL wildcard I recommend cruising around & testing your luck. Bump the wrong recycling bin & you, too, could feel the excitement with Avery.