Marvel Is Reportedly Working On A Movie Called The Mutants, Which Could Be The X-Men's Introduction To The MCU

Illuminerdi- The Illuminerdi has learned of a Marvel Studios-led project produced by Marvel CCO Kevin Feige entitled, The Mutants. It’s currently being developed as a feature film and is intended to be a reboot of the X-Men franchise.

After over a dozen movies produced by 20th Century Fox, Marvel Comics’ mutants are finally taking their rightful place on-screen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With so little information at this time, it’s hard to pin down the capacity in which these exciting characters will arrive, but it’s such an exciting event knowing that the project is indeed in development.

Hand up, I have no clue how reliable this source is. They aren't verified and have roughly 13,000 followers on Twitter, which admittedly doesn't mean shit one way or the other in the grand scheme of things. But anybody that names their site The Illuminerdi has to be spectacularly into nerd culture to the point they wouldn't fuck with their fellow nerds for some cheap clicks and a bunch of other comic sites that actually know what they are talking about are running with this report, so why not us idiots at Barstool?

Anyway, I've been saying pretty much every week during our WandaVision recaps on My Mom's Basement that the X-Men coming to the MCU is more important for me than anything else since the X-Men were by farrrrr my favorite comic book characters as a kid to the point I would have gladly taken their arrival in the MCU as the reason WandaVision existed before throwing away every other part of the show that I really did enjoy like the T-Man did to Big V once upon a time.


However, as we all saw around 4 AM ET or later today, there was no X-Men reveal, no mutations caused by the hex, and even the Quicksilver we thought we knew and loved from the comics was apparently the worst boner joke ever. Don't get me wrong, I love boner jokes but that one fucking hurt. 

Which is why hearing that we are getting a mutants movie was a nice bonus after there wasn't a Magneto or Professor X in sight during the WandaVision finale (Sidenote: I am going to kick Paul Bettany in the nuts next time I see him). 

It could be, and probably will be, years before we see a mutant on the big screen outside of mayyyyybe a post-credits scene that causes people like me to cum themselves. But as long as Kevin Feige is in charge, I have no doubt everything is going to be done absolutely perfectly. Even using what would've been the title for the X-Men shows the type of love for the franchise that gets my nerdy senses tingling in all the right ways. So I am gonna pray that the good people at The Illuminerdi aren't pulling another boner joke on my dumb ass and #TrustTheFeige to turn the greatest superheroes into the franchise they deserve to be instead of the one that Fox drove completely into the ground after a good start, hopefully with a Dark Phoenix saga worthy of the MCU before I die.

Fuck it, we are ending the blog with the X-Men cartoon song because that's the exact type of energy I need heading into the weekend, especially since I was up in the middle of the night to watch that WandaVision finale.


JK, we are gonna end the blog with the WandaVision finale recap I did with the LCB fellas and Robbie. New My Mom's Basement coming Monday.

h/t Daniel