So It Looks Like We're Talking About What It Means To Have Your Phone Face Down In Front Of Your Date/Partner/Spouse Again

This has been making the rounds on the twitter and in every chicks Instagram story you know.

Roll your eyes about a viral twitter trend if you must, but don't avoid the issue at the core of this. 

If you have your phone out, and it's face down, you are hiding something or worried about something coming through that you don't want the other person(s) seeing. Plain and simple. End of argument. 

I covered this exact topic in October when I had the chance to piggyback off a Bronx Tale anniversary and slide in some friendly guy-to-guy advice I dubbed "The Dante Test". (Not to be confused with the Crazy Mario Test)

There was a lot of Sonny and Trevor Bauer stuff in there that I'll save you from, but this gist was this:

It goes like this-

You take a girl out. Wherever. For coffee, drinks, or dinner if the kids are still doing that these days.

Hopefully, this doesn't happen, but it usually does because it's the norm today. But if her phone comes out and it's placed on the table, or bar, or whatever, and she lays it face down then you run, and you run fast. Because that's a shady broad and all you're seeing if the tip of the iceberg. 

Same goes for if you come back from the bathroom and the phones all of a sudden out and lying facedown. 

I know it might sound extreme but trust me on this one. It has never failed. Ever.

She either respects you enough to not have to be on her phone for 2 hours or however long you're out for and leaves it in her pocketbook. Or she has nothing to hide and can leave it face up if it's out. If she does either of those and everything else about the night goes smooth chances are she's a keeper. Hell, she saw the good in you to take you up on your request to go out didn't she?

But if not, do like Sonny said and dump her and dump her fast.

(IMPORTANT CAVEAT- none of this applies if you’re just trying to smash. In fact it’s probably in your best interest if this happens so the opposite applies)

This pic and tweet has caused a lot of commotion, mostly from shady girls defending themselves. I.E.-

In all seriousness though, this is a VERY touchy subject with females. They will debate you to death on having this take and why you're wrong. The responses I've heard so far just this week are classic:

"I don't bring my purse out with me so what am I supposed to do with it?"

"What if there's a family emergency?"

"I do it out of respect to my date so they have all my attention."

"If I actually had something to hide I wouldn't have it out period."

Spare me people.

Those with nothing to hide hide nothing.

Just own it. You're not fooling anybody. You're actually insulting our intelligence. You got other options, or shit going on. Be honest, we'd respect you more. 

Just keep your phone put away somewhere or under your ass. Simple as that.

p.s.- pop-up notifications (not text notifications) are for madmen or those addicted to their phones. You can’t complain that your phone battery sucks and always dies if you have notifications set for every little tweet, Netflix release, Instagram like, etc on your phone.