An Escaped Convict Serving A 17-Year Sentence Has Been Captured After Coming Out Of Hiding To Buy Call of Duty

Escaped convict Clint Butler assaulted two police officers and had to be restrained on the ground after he was stopped in Birmingham city centre.

Bodycam footage shows him kicking one officer in the groin and punching another in the face before being held down by the officers and security guards who came to help.

He escaped HMP Spring Hill open prison last year while serving a 17-year extended sentence for crimes including robbery and firearms offences.

Ah, a nice Feel Good Friday story. Sometimes it takes a news report like this to remind me how intelligent I am. Well, I guess it doesn't show me how smart I am, but rather how absolutely stupid some people in this world are. Like, I have so many issues here with this Clint Butler fellow. The first in which is this: could he not have just purchased this online? Download the game and play it right on your console. This isn't 2007 like when you entered prison for robbery and firearms offenses; this here is 2021. I know Gamestops stock is up about 70x from it's 52 week low, but the place is absolutely worthless. You risked it all and came out of hiding to go purchase a hardcopy of a video game? 

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Which brings me to my next point: who escapes prison 14 years into your 17 sentence? Either shit or get off the pot, buddy. If you see an opportunity to get out in Year 1 or 2, I understand why you'd take it. Looking square in the eye of the next decade of your life behind bars would be enough to get a man to do irrational things. But after 14 years, don't you kinda just finish it out? I mean, on a successful escape, you need to pretty much keep a low profile for the rest of your life. I can't speak with certainty because I've actually never been to prison, but I'd have to imagine the risk / reward isn't worth it IF he never even gets caught again. Would you rather live 3 years behind bars and then be free? Or would you rather get out now but keep your head on a swivel for the rest of your life? I mean, if you're on the wanted list, you can't even go get the new Call of Duty without being recognized. 

Well, actually you can. But again, Clint Butler is one of the all-time dummies of our generation.

But it was the call of a new video game that lured Butler out of hiding, leading him to venture into the city centre with a friend for a non-essential trip.

PCs Mark Owen and Allison Brown spotted the pair changing direction when they saw the officers and immediately became suspicious.

So you're telling me these two saw the cops and immediately changed their direction? I'll take "Most Suspicious Things You Can Do" for 500, please. You would think that a hardened criminal like this guy would have some sort street smarts to act like he knew what he was doing. Shaking my damn head. We deserve better crooks in this world. We get spoiled by the movies, but in reality, it's these morons that we're dealing with. 

He got 19 additional months for the escape and fighting the cops. I wonder if they have Call of Duty in his prison?