This Florida Man Jumping A Drawbridge As It Opens Is Peak Friday Vibes

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Well I just got fired the fuck up for the weekend. The plans for said weekend may exclusively be devoting every waking hour as a slave to my kids while the refuse to listen to even the most basic requests for me. But I am going to carpe the fuck out of the next two diems after seeing this guy go Super Dave considering my ass puckers up while I drive over a drawbridge at the mere thought it may start rising. The fact that they even allow motorcycles in a place like Florida must give someone like Chief Young nightmares. But the fact there is a whole week devoted to people riding motorcycles must cause him to not sleep a wink for however many hours are in a week.

*168. That's how many hours are in a week. Crazy what you can find out on Google these days.

Since I'm sure there will be people underwhelmed by this guy jumping over a drawbridge like a lunatic, here's the bridge jumping scene from Road Trip that deserves to be mentioned with other comedic classic that came out a few years later like Wedding Crashers and The Hangover.