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Rudy Gobert And Donovan Mitchell Were The Last Two Picks Of The All-Star Game Draft Because 'Like In Video Games Growing Up Nobody Picked Utah'

I can't believe I'm saying this and agreeing with LeBron, but ... he's right. Nobody fucking played with the Jazz. I love John Stockton. One of my all-time favorite players. Still never once said 'gimme the Jazz' except in an NBA Jam challenge with one of my college roommates when you had to play with every team in the league once. Even to this day when I fire up NBA2k, never once think to play with the Jazz. I even ranked the Jazz as the 5th best team in NBA Jam, still never wanted to play with them. This is the list by the way: 

5. Utah Jazz (Karl Malone/John Stockton) 

4. San Antonio Spurs (David Robinson/Sean Elliott)

3. Golden State Warriors (Tim Hardaway/Chris Mullin) 

2. Phoenix Suns (Barkley/Majerle) 

1. New York Knicks (Starks/Ewing)

And let's set the record straight about picking teams in video games. Sure, Malone/Stockton might have been the best duo, but they weren't cool. Barkley/Majerle were cool. You couldn't pick the pick and roll guys. You just couldn't. It's not even like the Jazz had the best jerseys out there to justify playing with them. Oh and if you want to argue about the Sonics, remember that Gary Payton wasn't in the regular NBA Jam game. The Sonics had Schrempf, Kemp and Benjamin. The only cool thing about the Jazz in the game is they didn't have a 3rd guy on the roster. It was just Malone and Stockton. 

But really this is why I'm glad the NBA finally decided to start showing the draft. The first year they fucked up by not doing it this way. The NBA, more than any league on the planet, is built on drama. You know what I saw last night all over Twitter when I was watching college hoops? Oh the disrespect of the Utah Jazz. A bunch of emojis I would never use. People freaking out about the slander from LeBron and KD. The disrespect. Is it stupid and petty? Absolutely. Do I care? Fuck no. It's awesome. I want there to be some sort of overhyped drama because the Jazz, who have the best record in the NBA, had the last two players picked. 

More than anything, I still want this to happen true playground style. Shit, do it at All-Star weekend. Get every single player lined up on the court with the two captains standing there. Pick your guys and have them walk over to your team like it's 4th grade all over again. Imagine how pissed Gobert and Mitchell would be standing there alone. We need that over the televised bullshit with just the captains. Again, the NBA is built on drama. There could be a legit hold me back tickle fight if this happened. A schoolyard draft with peoples feelings getting hurt every single pick was only going to add gasoline to the drama fire that has been burning brightly for weeks.