Why Arkansas Head Coach Eric Musselman Listens to Pardon My Take Before Games

On today's Pardon My Take, we join the MUSS BUS. Eric Musselman, the head coach of Arkansas basketball, joined today's show to talk all things Razorbacks, his recruiting tactics, and much more. In fact, Coach Musselman, like many of you, is an Award Winning Listener! He told Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter that he and his staff are always listening to PMT around their facility, so how does that help the Hogs when it comes to the court? Coach Muss explains:

Mr. Commenter: I also heard that you listen to Pardon My Take when you're putting together game plans, or you're breaking down film. Great strategy, first of all. Second of all, what insights have we given you into setting up your game plans just by osmosis, listening to our voices while you're mapping this stuff out?

Eric Musselman: I think I get a lot because Coach Ruta is always listening as well. Sometimes even I'll listen to you guys laying on this couch, right here in my office two hours before game time for relaxation. It could be, could you guys spur a motivational idea that we can somehow twist around and use. And amusement as well, you know, you've got to go into a game with a fresh mentality. So, Pardon My Take, without question, is part of our daily routine here at Arkansas. 

Mr. Cat: I could imagine you just listening and getting frustrated at Billy and then having a bad game because you're just you're just holding that negative energy.

What a unique and very cool pregame routine here from Coach Muss! Instead of music to pump him up, it's Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter spewing hot takes all over the place. And I can only imagine what he thinks about Billy's animal facts. We'll be pulling for Coach Musselman and the Arkansas Razorbacks as they prepare for the NCAA Tournament. This is March.