Officials In Iran Are Outraged After Pornstar Alexis Texas Was Featured In a Music Video With An Iranian Pop Star

JLN Photography. Shutterstock Images.

NY Post

An American adult film star has enraged officials in Iran by appearing in a music video on an Iranian entertainment app. Released by 32-year-old Iranian pop star Sasan Yafteh, a trailer for the full-length video for the track “Tehran Tokyo” features porn actress Alexis Texas, 35, sensually removing a head covering and coat before dancing with Yafteh, who goes by Sasy.

The Iranians are BIG mad over a music video released by this pop star Sasan Yafteh. This dude doesn't even live in Iran anymore, he resides in California! My man is out there living the life dropping music videos with the ultra famous porn star Alexis Texas. The officials in Iran are furious. Banging fists on tables over Alexis Texas swinging her hips and swaying to this jam. 

Tehran hardliners view Texas’ appearance in Sasy’s video as a deliberate “soft war” provocation.

I like to call those people losers. Here's a teaser for the video

The people of Iran are furious over that? She's fully clothed! Gimme a few minutes and I'll show you some of Alexis' work that will really blow your mind. There shouldn't be outrage over that video, it should be commended. One of the greater achievements to ever come from Iran as far as I'm concerned. What a moment for that country. Nope, instead they must condemn it because fun doesn't exist over there. Just terrible. 

Spinzone: Maybe the investigators are simply investigating so they can get by the internet restrictions in Iran and watch some porn. Now that would be next level.