Thoughts And Prayers To This Poor Mets Fan That Dropped A Home Run Live On ESPN Without Even Recognizing It Until Someone Else Scooped Up The Ball

Tough break for this kid right here. Mets fans have been locked up in their houses since last Spring Training, waiting for a live baseball game and a chance to land an easy free souvenir at a game with limited attendance allowed. Dellin Betances hanged it, Ryan Zimmerman banged it, and this kid got a jump on the ball but committed the cardinal sin of basically every other Mets left fielder during the Wilpon Era of not looking the ball into his glove and committing a ghastly error on live TV. Steve Cohen is doing all he can to turn the Mets into a competent franchise, but turning Mets fans into competent fielders probably won't happen until the confidence of rooting for a competent team seeps into their soul. 

In the meantime, someone get Foul Ball Guy to teach this kid the basics of ball hawking in the stands. You gotta see the ball into your glove. use two hands, and only celebrate your W after you confirm the package has arrived safely or else a nightmare scenario may unfold, namely someone with this fit has your beloved free rounded piece of cowhide. 

Not to mention that this game was being watched by God knows how many baseball fans looking for that sweet promise of Spring, which no doubt led to this kid getting his balls busted via text from every friend he has that saw this clip online.

Luckily this sorry son of a bitch was wearing the most beautiful shirt in the Barstool store or any store on the entire planet.

Chin up, kid. You may have missed out on a free souvenir, but at least you didn't break your hand on a Pete Alonso grand salami fuckbomb only to see some little Mets fan walk away with your baseball.