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Colin Cowherd Reacts To Baker Mayfield Seeing Aliens

Hmm. Sounds familiar, Uncle Colin...


Whenever something with Baker, or another juicy "Herd" type storyline drops, I always like to get ahead of it to see how close I can get to what the guy actually says a couple hours later when he goes on the air. 

Now I'm starting to think he actually uses the bits and analogies that I do to then turn and troll me and everyone else...we're in this sick cycle of cat & mouse and eventually it has to stop. 

Colin, I've said it before, I'll say it again - stop ducking. I'm happy to contribute to your troll job to get you views, clicks, and under the skin of Browns fans all at the same time, but it's time for you to put me on the couch for some Herdline News.