Mike Brey Doesn't Give A Shit That Notre Dame Students Were Chanting To Fire Him, Says It Was Well-Warranted

It's no secret that Notre Dame has been, well, awful this year. It's something that Notre Dame really hasn't been under Mike Brey. He's turned Notre Dame into a fairly consistent program with a run to a couple Elite Eights 5 years ago. Since then they made the Round of 32 before missing three straight tournaments (including this year, assuming they don't win the ACC Tournament). So Notre Dame students hit him with a 'FIRE MIKE BREY' chant after they lost to NC State. 

I love this answer by Brey though. He doesn't give a shit. His record and what he's done for 21 years there speaks for itself. He's been wildly successful until recently. You can argue that the NCAA Tournament hasn't been great for him, but I always say it's the worst thing to judge a coach on. It's an incredibly fluky event that is dictated by matchups and a win or go home scenario. He's 446-247 at Notre Dame, he's 206-159 in the Big East and ACC. That ain't too shabby! 

Here's my argument too when people want to fire a coach. Who are you hiring that's for sure better? Notre Dame has a ton of success in its history but it's not the easiest job in the world. You taking a shot with Chris Quinn the former Notre Dame player who has been an assistant with the Heat? That'd be the name a ton of Notre Dame people would probably bring up. Do you go after a mid-major guy like Martin Ingelsby who played at Notre Dame and was an assistant under Brey? Do we think they are going to do for sure better than Brey or are you finding yourself in the coaching carousel again in 5 years? There's this from Jordan Cornette, a former Notre Dame player: 

But back to Brey, I love how he just doesn't give a shit. He knows this year has sucked. We've come a long way since this: 

And I'll always have a soft spot for him when he went after the ACC and ACC refs: