Kentucky Passed A Bill Letting High School Seniors Come Back For A Fifth Year To Play Sports - Would You Do It?

I feel like this is one of those hypotheticals that is now coming to real life. If you played high school sports and had some sort of success, especially as a senior, you've debated would you run it back? Typically it's framed like would you go back now to high school and do it over again. Kentucky seniors are getting that chance. The state passed a bill letting high school seniors that will be 18 or younger on August 1 come back for a fifth year. It's actually pretty wild to me. What the hell do you do as a fifth year senior? It's not like college where you can take gen eds or whatever classes you want or get a minor. There's no path for fifth year seniors in high school classes. Do you just repeat like US History? 

That's not the point here. The point is do you run it back for a 5th year senior in high school? I think there are two ways to look at this. First, if you're a nobody or just mostly sitting on the bench you just head to college. You're not impressing anyone as a 5th year senior getting some run finally. You go get drunk on cheap ass vodka and party in college. College is way more fun than high school anyways. You go to classes for like 3 hours a day, the rest of the time you do whatever you want. Go do that. 

But there are kids who could benefit from this. There are people who maybe didn't break out until their senior year and could be let's say a Division II or low-major Division I player that got lost in recruiting because they didn't do shit in the summer as a sophomore or junior. This is a play then. You come back instead of going to prep school and see if you can enhance your stock. I'd get going back for that. 

I just don't think I could do a 5th year in high school though. Living at home, dealing with high school when you could be in college? Not worth it. I've debated this even on my own. I was young for my grade - didn't turn 18 until nearly a month after I graduated so I'd qualify here for the new rule. Started on the team that blew a 12-point lead in the state title game where I was the only senior. Would have loved to run it back with the guys as favorites. But pushing back the first year of college for that? No thanks. Maybe I just enjoyed college too much and I can't imagine being a 5th year high school senior. But I'll put this up to vote. Pretend we have the old school star system still. 1 for no, 10 for yes.