Jason Sudeikis Has Quietly Earned a 1-Seed in the Tournament of Life, and is Now Dating Model Keeley Hazell

Sometimes in entertainment, as in sports, someone just sneaks up on you. That person who you recognize right away as pretty good, though not necessarily great. Probably one of those people no one will ever buy a ticket just to see them. Maybe they're the Second Banana. Or the Team Player. The Glue Guy. The one that makes everyone around them better. Until one day they're at the top of the all time rankings and getting elected to the Hall of Fame.

And it happens in life too. Maybe it's the friend in your circle that isn't the funniest, sharpest, the best athlete or the most impressive. But when they're not around, there's something missing and it's just not as much fun somehow. It could be that coworker who makes everything run smoother without demanding credit all the time. And when you lose them to a better opportunity, things fall off and everyone has to scramble to make up for the loss. 

Well it would appear that Jason Sudeikis is officially That Guy. He was the cast member on "Saturday Night Live" who was never below average, never let the team down, but was never the best, either. Not on seasons that included the likes of Bill Hader, Will Forte, Tina Fey or Darrell Hammon. Like they say about vanilla: Everybody likes it, but it's the favorite ice cream flavor of exactly no one. 

But get a look at him now. Talk about someone sneaking up on everybody. All of a sudden you wake up and find out he's not only among the best in the business, he's moved right up to the top of the "Living the Best Life" power rankings. He wins the Golden Globe for "Ted Lasso" and excepts the award in the most 2021 style possible:

He was married to Olivia Wilde for a time, until she reportedly did him dirty:

But rather than let that sink him into despair and a swimming pool filled with mind-numbing intoxicants like a lesser man would if they were dumped by likely the hottest person they'll ever be with, this surprising titan of the industry rebounded like a true great of the game. 

Page Six - The former “Saturday Night Live” star — who is currently filming his Apple TV show “Ted Lasso” in London — has grown close to Page 3 model Keeley Hazell in the wake of his split with Wilde, sources in London confirmed to Page Six.

Sudeikis’ relationship with Hazell, which was first revealed by the UK’s Sun, is going well, and he even named a character in “Ted Lasso” after the model, a star of the Sun’s Page 3, before their relationship turned from friendship into something more. …

A source told the Sun, “When Jason found out about his wife and Harry, Keeley was one of the people whom he turned towards. During this time he was understandably devastated, but she was brilliant and incredibly supportive.

“He invited her to join him for a dinner with mates in LA, and their flirty banter quickly set tongues wagging. They have met up since, but obviously, it’s all very early days.”

The news outlet added, “Jason feels it’s too soon to leap into a new relationship — he is in absolutely no rush — but it’s a case of ‘watch this space.'”

Hazell, now 34, first became famous as a Sun Page 3 girl in 2004. … She is said to have first met Sudeikis, 45, during the filming of his movie “Horrible Bosses 2” in 2014.

That is how you do it. Play Like a Champion Today. You bounce right back. You use the show you've developed and star in to win over the British Page 3 model you worked with briefly seven years ago. This model:



That is not a bad way to bounce back after having your marriage blown up on you. I mean, at this point it would be unfair to say Sudeikis is punching above his weight, because this is his weight class. He's made it so. Through hard work and perseverance, but also talent.

Let this be a lesson for all of us. In entertainment and sports as well as life. You don't have to be Rookie of the Year and then MVP the following year. Slow and steady does, in fact, win the race sometimes. If you're willing to stick to it. You can be doing quality work as a midlevel "SNL" cast member or in minor roles in "30 Rock," "It's Always Sunny" or "Eastbound and Down" one minute, appearing in the universally reviled "Movie 43" the next. And the minute after that, find yourself as the Apex, standing atop the Hollywood food chain. Jason Sudeikis' story should inspire us all to keep working toward our dreams. You never know who the next truly great one will be.